Website Updates

Things have been moved around  bit in order to be able to reference PC information slightly more easily. Each PC now has a separate menu for Story, Datafile and Notes. The front page of each has been retained but it is intended that eventually a character picture and a short description grace each as a brief introduction to the character.

I would like people to keep track of their individual character’s story in the Story section. This currently includes any background information that has been supplied to date. That way I only have to keep track of the main story theme and arc without all the other detail – think of this as your ‘after Session homework’.

The Datafile area features the point costs for the PC creation as well as XP gained and spent. Since the average build was around 250XP, I have taken this as a baseline so some characters have some XP yet to spend and others have already effectively earned and ‘pre-spent’ some.

The Notes section is all the other material that people have either created around the PC or were previously in their initial creation notes so nothing has been lost – just reorganised.

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