Act 5 – The Faculty

 For those who came in late –

The altercation in Central Park has significantly raised the stakes in respect of the Aces’ mission to deliver Angela Foxbury to the Wonderland Statue by Saturday night. Grace has disappeared and potentially been abducted while the groups questions whether the involvement of the CIA and resources that extend to transforming mechanoids and links to international diplomats places them in way over their heads…

Watcher’s Notes – 1 June 2014

The group return briefly to Patrik’s loft and there decide to visit Harlam Academy High School that night. Upon arriving at the school there note it is deserted except for a few security guards and a Watchdog. James and Thomas knock at the front door and are greeted by a Security Guard. James notices that the Guard is under some type of mental or hypnotic control and is, for all intents, on automatic. Believing Mimic to somehow be behind this behaviour, he uses his own mental abilities in an attempt to contact her and persuade her that they just want to talk. The security guard continues on his automatic pattern and they enter the school. Patrik holds back while Wilson scouts the perimeter watching for any unusual activity but none is apparent.

There is a sense of foreboding in the air as they move through the school, and James and Thomas note the presence of the symbol of the broach reproduced in a variety of locations. Their attention is drawn to a light in one of the science laboratories which flicks off abruptly. James thinks he sees a shape disappearing but cannot be sure. They make their way down a corridor that ends with a door marked ‘Geography’. Behind them, a large black Doberman blocks his passage. Around its neck is a copy of the broach. Thomas again appeals to Mimic to allow them to understand what is going on and the dog moves off into an adjacent room and vanishes. They open the door.

The room beyond is that of a large state ball being held in honour of the wedding of the President and wife of Bolivia. They are dressed in wedding suits and find themselves only able to watch proceedings rather than intervene. The President – a much younger Carlos Esquerra, enters with his young bride on his arm. They meet and greet and the reception is going well when suddenly through a skylight above, masked commandos dressed in black enter sliding down ropes and open fire on the wedding party. Several people are killed and Mimic dies in her husband’s arms saving him from being shot. The Presidential guards open fire as guests attempt to flee. The last act of Mimic is to remove her broach and slide it into the middle of the room while chaos reigns, where it is collected from the floor by a man apparently immune to the gunfire, who then disappears through a broken window and into the night.

The scene abruptly ends and they find themselves back in the school’s Geography department watching a slowly spinning globe. Patrik and Wilson decide to enter the school through the open door and eventually find their companions. Meanwhile, Wilson is the first to return to the Park to investigate and finds the signs of a scuffle, drag marks, a series of tire tracks and a flag pin similar to something he had seen on the outside of a building downtown, but no sign of Grace.

Harlem Academy High School Faculty:

  • Steven Harper – Principal
  • Scott Guber – Vice Principal
  • Marcy Kendall – PA
  • Lauren Davis – Social Studies teacher
  • Harry Senate – Deputy School District Overseer
  • Marla Hendricks – Social Studies teacher
  • Marilyn Sudor – English/ Music teacher
  • Harvey Lipschultz – History Teacher
  • Louisa Fenn – Secretary
  • Kevin Riley – Football Coach
  • Milton Buttle – English Teacher
  • Meredith Peters – Teacher
  • Ronnie Cooke – Teacher
  • Danny Hanson –Teacher
  • Zach Fischer -Physics Teacher
  • Colin Flynn – English Teacher
  • Kimberly Woods – Teacher
  • Carmen Torres – Physics

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