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Gaming with Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (Basic Rules)

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying GameEveryone loves learning new rules sets – not. I know I don’t, but the sad reality is that in order to facilitate game play we have to learn the unique strengths and weaknesses of the rules.

First stop is acquiring a set. This will prove progressively more and more difficult as the publisher, Margaret Weis Productions, appears to have fallen out with Marvel (cause it got bought out by Disney) and so no longer support or publish the material and have stripped everything relating to it off their website (and are apparently refunding money to people who pre-bought a hard copy of a Rules Expansion/ Module called Annihilation).

Anyway, I believe I printed out at least three copies about two years ago after a PDF was supplied to me, but have no idea who has them other than the annotated version on my desk. Consequently, I will put a link to one in the Resources section that I am about to create so that those of you without access to a copy will be able to download one for personal use.

Next step is homework – sorry – unavoidable although there are shortcuts that will get us closer to starting the actual scenario (which I am also in the middle of writing – lots of work for Nigel). Greg has volunteered his skills to help create the basic Player Characters (thank you Greg) while we all familiarise ourselves with the process.

He has also asked me to provide a précis of the background and this will be the subject of a future post.

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