Warmonger (300XP)

WarmongerReginald Stern was a self-styled “Millionaire playboy” who lived on (and squandered) his father’s millions earned from lucrative arms contracts. His father cut him off once it became apparent he was a disgrace to the family name and only interested in drugs, drink and women. In a drunken rampage Reginald released a sample of the Joker virus into the plant causing the deaths of almost 100 people and inducing a savant Ace ability in himself. He has an innate understanding of mechanical and electrical systems, including ones which cannot be explained by conventional science. He has used this to rebuild his father’s contacts and build himself the “warmonger” battle suit.

  • Affiliations (0XP) – Solo D8, Buddy D6, Group D4
  • Distinctions (15XP) – ‘Millionaire, playboy, arsehole; ‘Better than my father‘; ‘Mechanical genius‘.
  • Power Group (Savant ability) (30XP) – Mechanical aptitude D10
  • Power Group (Warmonger battle suit) (140XP)- Durability D10, Superhuman strength D10, Enhanced Stamina D8, Subsonic flight D8, Sensor array D8, Guns and missiles D8
  • SFX (30XP)- Area Of Effect, Immunity (sealed systems), Deadly
  • Limits (10XP) – Conscious Activation, Gear
  • Specialties (90XP) – Business D8(15XP), Combat D8 (15XP), Crime D8 (15XP), Menace D8 (15XP), Tech D10 (30XP)

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