The Purifiers

A group that has evolved from the KKK, ‘The Purifiers‘ have changed their targets from “coloreds” to Jokers. In their eyes, the Jokers are a corruption of God’s plan and need to be scourged from the Earth, and consequently The Purifiers have been responsible for a number of lynchings and burnings particularly in the Southern states.

The group is divided into a number of interlocking organizations or arms, the most violent are based around  motorcycle gangs with names such as ‘Satan’s Henchmen’ and ‘ The Hangmen’. These often operate crime syndicates as part camouflage and part fund raising.
Others operate on a more civic or even political level attempting to block affirmative action. The most notable is the self-styled Reverend William Tutle, leader of the Church of the White Christ, an evangelical Southern ministry.

Motorcycle-gangSatan’s Henchmen/ The Hangmen (105XP):

  • Affiliations – Solo d4, Buddy 2d6, Group: 3(or4)d8
  • Distinctions –My brother’s keeper‘; ‘Racial purity‘; ‘Mad, bad and dangerous to know‘.
  • Powers – Weapon d8, Vehicle d6
  • Limits – Gear
  • Specialties – Combat d8, Menace d8, Vehicle d8, Crime d8

Reverend-TutleReverend Tutle (75XP):

  • Affiliations – Solo d8, Buddy d4, Group d6
  • Distinctions –Friends in high places‘; ‘Hand of the Lord, leader of his flock‘; ‘Righteous indignation‘.
  • Powers – None known.
  • Specialties – Psychology d10, Business d8, Crime d8

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