The ‘Lucky Charms’ Gang

The Lucky Charms Gang are a group of misfit Jokers and Aces recruited by The Leprechaun; their modus operandi includes theft, extortion, robbery, and gambling.

The-Leprechaun‘The Leprechaun’ (Stanley O’Halloran) (260XP)

Stanley O’Halloran drew a Joker which imbued him with increased intelligence, enhanced senses, teleportation, tunneling, and the power of persuasion, but shrunk his body to that of a five-year old child. He adopted the guise of The Leprechaun and began stealing in order to fuel his avarice. He maintains several grudges and is believed to have a secret stash of gold hidden somewhere in the sewer system. He has proved extremely difficult to catch and assembles his team depending on the nature of the job.

  • Affiliations (0XP) –  Solo D8, Buddy D4, Group D6
  • Distinctions (15XP) – ‘Luck of the Irish’; ‘Now you see me…‘;  ‘Prankster‘.
  • Power Group (Magic) (120XP) – Teleportation d10 (30XP), Tunneling d8 (20XP), Mind Control d8 (20XP), Enhanced Senses d8 (20XP),  Enhanced Stamina d8 (20XP), Durability d6 (10XP)
  • SFX (30XP) – Healing (Enhanced Stamina) (10XP), Invulnerable (Physical Attacks (Is this his vulnerability?)) (10XP), Second Chance (10XP)
  • Limits (5XP) – Conscious Activation
  • Specialties (90XP) – Business d8 (15XP), Combat d8 (15XP), Crime d10 (30XP), Covert d10 (15XP), Psych d8 (15XP)

Killer-Croc‘Gila Monster’ (Jaxon Stone) (260XP)

Jaxon was already a lifer when affected by the Wild Card virus serving a 10 year stretch for aggravated burglary and assault. The virus mutated him giving him increased Strength, Durability, and Enhanced Senses encased in a reptilian body. He immediately broke out of prison and took to hiding in the New York underground becoming a resident of the underground Joker community of Carnivale. He remains on the Police’s Joker Wanted list.

  • Affiliations (0XP) –  Solo D6, Buddy D4, Group D8
  • Distinctions (15XP) – ‘Ace-Holes‘; ‘Nothing a good beating wouldn’t fix‘; ‘It’s mine now
  • Power Group (Reptile Form) (110XP) – Enhanced Durability d8 (20XP), Enhanced Stamina d8 (20XP), Enhanced Reflexes d8 (20XP), Enhanced Senses d8 (20XP), Superhuman Strength d10 (30XP)
  • SFX (40XP) – Berserk (10XP), Boost (10XP), Dangerous (10XP), Immunity (Disease) (10XP)
  • Limits (5XP) – Conscious Activation (Which of his powers are consciously controlled? Does he turn human if unconscious? If so only in hero ID may be a consideration)
  • Specialties (90XP) – Combat d10 (30XP), Crime d8 (20XP), Menace d10 (30XP), Vehicle d6 (10XP)

Acetylene‘Acetylene’ (Samuel Brown) (255XP)

Samuel’s energy powers technically make him an Ace except that the first time he used them it left him horribly disfigured and unhinged; he has worn a mask ever since. A serial arsonist, he was involved in a series of insurance scams around tenement buildings scheduled for redevelopment as part of the move to gentrification in Harlem. The last building he burned left 30 people dead and many homeless. He suffers extreme guilt for his actions and has tried to hand himself in to the authorities on a number of occasions but fell under the sway of The Leprechaun’s mental powers.

  • Affiliations (0XP) –  Solo D8, Buddy D4, Group D6
  • Distinctions (15XP) – ‘Smoke ’em if you got ’em‘; ‘Just want to light the world on fire‘;  ‘Can still smell them burning
  • Power Group (Elemental Fire) (130XP) – Energy Blast d10 (30XP), Durability d10 (30XP), Elemental Control (Fire) d10 (30XP), Fire Resistance d8 (Unnecessary if he has durability, and as he has heat absorption, does he need/have durability, that is resistance to all attacks?)(20XP),  Enhanced Stamina d8 (20XP)
  • SFX (0XP) – none (?)
  • SFX (40XP) – Absorption (Heat I assume) (10XP), Area Effect (10XP), Constructs (10XP), Unleashed (10XP)
  • Limits (10XP) – Conscious Activation (5XP), Exhaustion (5XP)
  • Specialties (60XP) – Combat d8 (20XP), Crime d6 (10XP), Medical d6 (10XP), Menace d8 (20XP)

Smasher‘Smasher’ (Billy-Bob ‘Bobo’ Wilson) (245XP)

Bobo is an angry man with a history of domestic violence and assault. The Wild Card virus left him with Shape-shifting abilities but his limited intelligence and underlying hatred of almost everything meant that he generally puts his abilities to limited use. He normally acts as a Bouncer at various Joker bars around Harlem and the Bowery but is not above the occasional extra-curricular job on the side.

  • Affiliations (0XP) –  Solo D8, Buddy D6, Group D4
  • Distinctions (15XP) – ‘Got me blood up‘; ‘Your face would look nice on my fist‘;  ‘Hammer time
  • Power Group (Shape-shifter) (130XP) – Mimic d6 (10XP), Speed d8 (20XP), Reflexes d8 (20XP), Shapeshifting  d10 (30XP),  Stamina d8 (20XP), Strength d8 (20XP), Stretching d10 (Does this overlap with shapeshifting?) (30XP)
  • SFX (20XP) – Area Attack (10XP), Berserk (10XP)
  • Limits (10XP) – Conscious Activation, Uncontrollable
  • Specialties (70XP) – Acrobatics d8 (20XP) Combat d8 (20XP), Crime d6 (10XP), Menace d8 (20XP)

Golem‘The Blob’ (315XP)

No one knows Blob’s real name or identity or even if ‘it’ is a he or a she as the nature of the deformity is to have left an unfinished clay-like quality to its visage. Able to absorb large amounts of kinetic energy and use these to bolster its size and strength, it wanders the New York underground often in an alcoholic haze due to its depressed state.

  • Affiliations (0XP) –  Solo D8, Buddy D4, Group D6
  • Distinctions (15XP) – ‘What is that thing?‘; ‘Don’t let it touch me‘;  ‘Size matters
  • Power Group (Blob Form) (170XP) – Durability d10 (30XP), Reflexes d8 (20XP), Resistance d10 (Resistance to what? He has kinetic absorption and durability so that covers physical attacks, and stamina covers disease, poison etc) (30XP), Growth d10 (Unnecessary see absorption below) (30XP), Stamina d10 (30XP), Strength d10 (30XP)
  • SFX (50XP) – Kinetic Absorption (10XP) (Suggestion- when he absorbs kinetic attacks make all stunts Growth based, then spend a Doom Die of equal or greater size to turn this stunt into a Growth asset, which will last the scene.If you don’t have a large enough die then create the asset at the level of the die you do have, this asset can be increased to a maximum of D12 as if it where a complication or stress) Area Attack (10XP), Counterattack (Generally acts against a specific class of attack, e.g. HTH or energy blasts of a specific type etc) (10XP), Immunity (Physical Attacks) (If you mean kinetic based attacks this is unnecessary as he has absorption, an effect die converted to a stunt or asset does no harm) (10XP), Second Wind (How will you handle this? In the RAW it adds the die to the Doom Pool, so you would have to remove a die of equal or greater size) (10XP)
  • Limits (10XP) – Mutant (Aren’t we all, or is he especially vulnerable to counter Ace/Joker tech?)(5XP), Conscious Activation (5XP)
  • Specialties (70XP) – Combat d8 (20XP), Crime d8 (20XP), Menace d10 (30XP)

Outline‘Outline’ (Harlan Jefferson) (250XP)

A pimp by trade, Harlan saw opportunity open its door when dealt an Ace that lead to him being able to remain invisible for long stretches of time. Combined with enhanced speed, agility, acrobatics and his love of martial arts, Harlan branched out into crime to fuel his drug habit and is always looking for ways to increase his income. He runs a brothel in Jokertown and is careful never to be seen at the scene of a crime.

  • Affiliations (0XP) –  Solo D8, Buddy D4, Group D6
  • Distinctions (15XP) – ‘Wheeler and dealer‘; ‘Man in the Hood‘;  ‘Sneaky son of a bitch
  • Power Group (Stealth) (80XP) – Intangibility d6 (10XP), Invisibility d8 (20XP),  Enhanced Senses d8 (20XP),  Reflexes d8 (20XP) Stamina d6 (10XP)
  • SFX (30XP) – Counterattack (10XP), Dangerous (10XP), Second Wind (How will you handle this? In the RAW it adds the die to the Doom Pool, so you would have to remove a die of equal or greater size) (10XP)
  • Limits (5XP) – Conscious Activation
  • Specialties (120XP) – Acrobatics Master d10 (30XP), Combat Master d10 (30XP),  Crime Expert d8 (20XP), Medical Expert d8 (20XP), Psych Expert d8 (20XP)

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