The Prometheus Foundation

fire“Seize the Fire”

Are you different; ‘strange’; ‘better’?

Does the world fear or pity you?

My name is Adam Patriks and I am an Ace. Like you, the world feared and rejected me, but I turned my gifts into success and founded the Promethean Foundation to help those like us.

A person’s value should not be determined by their looks, or what they might do, but by their actions; here and now. If you have a talent, or you know someone who does, we can help you find a profitable and beneficial use for them; join me in making our lives and the world a better place.

Ring  42-75555 for more information.

2 thoughts on “The Prometheus Foundation

  1. You might want to review the phone number as it is 2 digits too long. The standard exchange value, even using the fictitious KLondike (i.e. 55) prefix uses the standard 2L (two letters) 5N (five number) sequence. America standardised most of their exchanges in the 1930s, Harlem even had its own reference (427) until it was rolled into Leigh. So a true number would be something like 42-7XXXX. See – you learn lots of useful stuff when you work in a toll exchange:)

  2. I’m different and certain sections of the general populace fear or, at the least, worry about me. I tried ringing your number but there was an issue where I was forwarded to an answering service apparently linked to an organisation called the Lords of Order. While the short conversation I had with them was most informative, I found that I had an increasing headache as it went on and unfortunately had to cut it short. I’m feeling much better now, but thought I’d put out this personal ad rather than try again. Yours, JH

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