Sgt Donald O’Connor USMC

Hunter the Vigil (HTV): Base Character Point Build:

Attributes: 5/4/3; Skills: 11/7/4 (+3 Specialties); Merits 7 (max 3 dots)
Survived First Contact: 25 XP and 12 practical XP

Please provide values and delete whatever is not appropriate from the following lists:

  • Name: Sgt Donald O’Connor USMC
  • Age: Min 28 years
  • Profession: Besides those contained in the Core Rules, the following classes are detailed in the HTV Source-book:
    Academic (HTVp77*), Artist (HTVp78), Athlete (HTVp78), Cop (HTVp80), Criminal (HTVp80), Detective (HTVp81), Doctor (HTVp82), Engineer (HTVp83), Hit Man (HTVp85), Journalist (HTVp86), Labourer (HTVp87), Occultist (HTVp88), Professional (HTVp89), Religious Leader (HTVp90), Scientist (HTVp91), Socialite (HTVp92), Soldier (HTVp92), Technician (HTVp94), Vagrant (HTVp95)
  • Ethnicity: Irish Roman Catholic
  • Background: Click to read Back Story
  • Phobia/ Mental Condition (include description): Include the reason for why you are seeking rehabilitation on Howard Island

*Note: the page number refer to the location in  the Hunter the Vigil PDF and corresponds to 2 pages after the actual number (e.g. HTVp82 refers to the page number 80)


  • Intelligence:
  • Wits:
  • Resolve:
  • Strength:
  • Dexterity:
  • Stamina:
  • Presence:
  • Manipulation:
  • Composure:
  • Health: (Stamina + Size)
  • Willpower: (Resolve + Composure)
  • Size: 5 (Human)
  • Speed: Strength + Dexterity + 5
  • Morality: (Starting = 7, may gain additional 10 points (5 points per level) to reduce to a minimum of 5

Mental Skills: Academics , Technology, Crafts, Investigation, Medicine, Cthulhu Mythos, Spot Hidden, Politics, Science, Library Search,
Physical Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Drive, Firearms, Larceny, Stealth, Survival, Weaponry
Social Skills: Animal Ken, Empathy, Expression, Intimidation, Persuasion, Socialise, Streetwise, Subterfuge
Mental Merits: Common Sense, Danger Sense, Eidetic Memory, Luck, Encyclopedic Knowledge, Holistic Awareness, Language, Meditative Mind, Unseen Sense
Physical Merits: Ambidextrous, Brawling Dodge, Direction Sense, Disarm, Fast Reflexes, Favoured Weapon (HTVp69), Fighting Finesse, Fighting Style: Martial Art, Fighting Style: Two Weapons, Fleet of Foot, Fresh Start, Giant, Gunslinger, Iron Stamina, Iron Stomach, Natural Immunity, Professional Training (HTVp69) Quick Draw, Quick Heal, Strong Back, Strong Lungs, Stunt Driver, Toxin Resistance, Weaponry Dodge
Social Merits: Allies (n/a), Barfly (n/a), Contacts (n/a), Fame, Inspiring, Mentor (n/a), Resources (n/a), Retainer (n/a), Safe-house (HTVp70) (n/a), Status/Compact/ Conspiracy (HTVp75), Striking Looks, Torture Suite (n/a)
Flaws: (Attract XP if used during Game-play):Addiction, Aloof, Amnesia, Behaviour Blind, Coward, Crippled, Deformity, Dwarf, Embarrassing Secret, Forgetful, Hard of Hearing, Lame, Mute, Notoriety, One Arm, One Eye, Poor Sight, Racist/ Sexist/ Bigot, Speech Impediment