PC Back Stories

Here, in their own words, we can read excerpts from the lives of each of the men who entered the Sanitarium and how and why they have became what they became: cogs in a greater machine they may never understand.

Sgt. Donald O’Connor, USMC

Upon the end of WW2 Donald re-upped as a Sgt in the MP’s and spent the years until the Korean war bouncing from one SE Asian duty post to another, usually babysitting REMF’s and cleaning up after greenhorns. That ended during the Korean conflict and the following is a transcript of his debriefing by the CIA.
“So are you feeling more relaxed now Sgt?”
“Yeah, what did you give me?”
“A simple tranquilizer, now In your own words describe the incident CODE TURTLE GREEN.”
“We were on an escort mission, collecting your asset “Yumiko” from the hill country and got caught up in a snow storm and took shelter in an abandoned village”.
“Just your team and asset TURTLE GREEN?”
“Yeah, we were supposed to be back in camp a week earlier but he snow came in hard”
“Go on”
“Well the first to disappear was Wilkins, went out for firewood and never came back, we looked around but the snow was so heavy we couldn’t see a damn thing. Then Hitchens, then Todd, “Yumiko” said she saw him go out to the latrines, but that was a lie.”
“Don’t make any assumptions just tell the facts”
“Well it was just me and Simpson, we’d put “Yumiko” in a separate hut, to avoid any incidents, well the food was bad and with the cold my Malaria started to flare up.”
“You contracted that in Indochina?”
“That’s what they tell me.”
“Go on”
“Anyway I was taking some of the Pep pills to stay focused through the fever, when I nodded off, and woke up to music and to see Simpson walking out, then nodded off again, which is damned odd give the pills.”
“Yeah like one of those weird harp things they play with hammers in Japanese bath houses.”
“Go on.”
“Well I shook it off and made my way to “Yumiko’s” hut where I could see footprints leading, as I got closer I could hear…sucking and gurgling noises, and smell bubblegum”
“You know the stuff with the cards.”
“I see, carry on.”
“When I looked in Simpson was on the floor and “Yumiko” was holding on to him, the flesh of her face was rolled down around her neck like a scarf and there was this spider head with it’s fangs sunk into Simpsons neck, his body looked deflated. I pulled out my Bowie and charge it, I didn’t know what the fuck was going on and didn’t care I was going to erase that fucking bug!”
“Language please Sgt”
“Sorry. Anyway my first lunge got in clean and the back slash lopped of one of it’s fangs, then it reared up, multiple legs ripping free of it’s skin and lashed out. That knocked me back and it was on me, I got my arm up and it bit into it, so I stabbed it again, and again and again and….”
“Focus Sgt, I know it’s hard just focus on the sound of my voice.”
“What, yeah right the sound of your voice.”
“The what happened?”
“I woke up in a field hospital with one of your men, he said that I was the sole survivor of a North Koran assassination team that had poisoned our water, but that’s bull, I know what I saw, it was YOUR asset not the fucking North Koreans.”
“Sgt I want you to look at this disk, watch the light flash on, and off, on, and off”
“On and off”
“Listen to my voice, and only my voice”
“You were suffering from cerebral malaria,m which combined with the poison in your water made you hallucinate”
“That’s right, there are no such things as monsters”
“No such thing”
“We will be sending you for a special treatment, at the governments expense.”
“We only want you to get better so you can return to service”
“That’s right”