Little Slices of Death


Shutter-IslandYour characters are all Investigators of one persuasion or another. There is only one requirement. They have to be Cthulhu Investigators that you previously played in some other scenario. I don’t mind which one. You choose, but you are going to convert it from Call of Cthulhu into Hunter the Abyss from World of Darkness. You need to have a back story that relates to your past adventures but the key points are – you have suffered a psychotic break because of what you have seen or done and are suffering from night terrors in addition to any other fears or phobia that you may have developed while adventuring. You have been committed to Howard Island to convalesce and mentally and physically rehabilitate, and this is where the story begins.

I will put up a page around the template and we can discuss a couple of the mechanics that I have had to adapt and how I imagine using this.

Although you start without even a crowbar…