Comments and proposed house rule changes

Firstly thanks to Nigel for running an entertaining game, secondly myself and both Fred and Pete stated that the system does pretty much what we want but I have a couple of suggestions:

1) Costs for Novice (D6) specialties- to both bring these into line with the cost progression and to encourage players to take them I suggest that the cost be made 5XP for D6 with a further 10XP to raise it to D8 (thus making the total cost of D8 15XP).

2) Heightened stats- these cover the upper limit of human potential (enhanced stats are the bottom of superhuman) and operate at D6 for 10XP.

3) Additional stats and specialties- there are I feel some gaps in the coverage, some missing stats include Intelligence, Wits, Presence, Appearance  etc, and specialties include Politics and Local area knowledge.


2 thoughts on “Comments and proposed house rule changes

  1. I agree and think we need to make a set of Character Creation rules for consistency. I might check the forums to see if anyone else has already done this and report back.

    Anything will eventually appear under the ‘Rules’ menu above.

    Finally – glad you enjoyed yourselves, I did too and that is all anyone can really ask for.

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