Background: It was a dark and stormy night…

When JJ became into LiveWire. he was assisting with ‘Gruesome Gertie’, the infamous electric chair at Louisiana State Prison aka ‘Angola’, when a bolt of lightning punched through the roof into the execution chamber. JJ was the sole survivor and ‘miraculously’ unharmed. Soon he noticed a tingling and a restlessness and it became obvious to the Doctors that his ‘Joker gene’ had been activated. Social exclusion, relationship disintegration, loss of career happened as night follows day.

After 2 years of wandering he has washed up on the shores of Harlem. White, Southern Baptist, ex-law enforcement: the only thing he has in common with most of the people around him is that he is despised by ‘normal folk’.

His wife and 3 children still live in Shreveport although he has not seen them in over 6 months he wires money when he can. Really, he cannot face them… not with his terrible Dark Secret.

Name: Thomas Jonathan Jackson LeRoy

Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana


  • Solo:  D10
  • Buddy: D6
  • Group: D8


  1. Light ‘em up.
  2. Team Policing
  3. I can take ’em

Superspeed Power Group:

  • Speed d10
  • Reflexes  d8
  • Stamina d8
  • Durability  d8
  • Intangibility  d8
  • Quickened Perception d8


  • Area of Effect
  • Second Wind
  • Immunity
    • Fatigue
    • Toxins
    • Disease
  • No Physics


  • Conscious activation
  • Exhaustion


  • Combat d8
  • Crime  d8
  • Menace d8

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