Thomas Jonathan Jackson LeRoy aka ‘Livewire


It was a dark and stormy night…

Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana . When JJ became into LiveWire. he was assisting with ‘Gruesome Gertie’, the infamous electric chair at Louisiana State Prison aka ‘Angola’, when a bolt of lightning punched through the roof into the execution chamber. JJ was the sole survivor and ‘miraculously’ unharmed. Soon he noticed a tingling and a restlessness and it became obvious to the Doctors that his ‘Joker gene’ had been activated. Social exclusion, relationship disintegration, loss of career happened as night follows day.

After 2 years of wandering he has washed up on the shores of Harlem. White, Southern Baptist, ex-law enforcement: the only thing he has in common with most of the people around him is that he is despised by ‘normal folk’.

His wife and 3 children still live in Shreveport although he has not seen them in over 6 months he wires money when he can. Really, he cannot face them… not with his terrible Dark Secret.


Livewire’s story begins here…

[Session 1]

After awakening in a cell underground Livewire finds himself incarcerated with a group of other Jokers.  A meaningless piece of pseudo-legal documentation is read accompanied with dire threats issuing from a TV in the corner; one of the prisoners shows that BS&I will not assist so Livewire tries non-compliance. The rest of the prisoners seem to believe that the threats will be carried out, almost ambivalent to his situation Livewire allows himself to be convinced by one Jack Houghs.

It transpires that this chap is probably a damn lawyer, along with a self-important Limey playboy , an equally self-obsessed Asian chick and a black kid (?). Not sure about the last didn’t see him much, he has been more of a presence than a person.

We (more a group of individuals than anything else) wander through the sewers looking for anything really. A group of mutants attack us, they are bested, ahead appears an intersection…

[Session 2]

An old, disused subway station with a sign ; Jack reaches out with his ‘feelings’ (?) many people to the right at the Carnivale and a few to the left where Port is indicated. After a lot of discussion the obvious choice is taken and it is off to port. At the bottom of a disused tenement a group of fellow Jokers have made civic improvements in the building and are now cutting into a bank vault; no doubt with the best of motives.

The kid – called Wilson I think- advises us of this, the other 3 babble amongst themselves with the lawyer and Richie Rich doing most of the talking and come up with the idea of doing some creepy mind-meld . No way are they going to look into my mind, I head towards the criminals, I can take ’em.

Bang, crash, wallop! General mayhem with Wilson and I (mainly) dealing to the crims, as I thought none of them were able to touch me; 2 more bad guys and I make Ace.

Outside more talking; these guys really love to jabber. I call the cops, the Limey whistles up a limo (!) and we head off downtown. The Limey – Patricks- enquires of Wilson and I (the other 2 have commitments apparently) if we would like to work for him. As I am drinking my way through his fine collection of Bourbon I think why not?

A generous advance on my pay is arranged, I wire it back to Cheryl. Then to sleep with disturbing dreams, I have a creepy feeling that Patricks is watching me or something.

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