Born to a privileged family in one of Manhattan’s finer suburbs, Jack’s card turned at puberty. Finding that he could sense the feelings of others, over time he built up a tolerance to the constant waves of emotions around him and also the ability to push them in the direction that he chose. The teenager was unable to resist the temptation that these abilities gave him and Jack came out of his early shell to more than make up for time as a ladies’ man and a charismatic leader among his peers.

Following his family’s expectations, Jack attended Harvard and graduated in Law. Returning to New York he spent time building his way up in the profession to some considerable success – a mixture of family connections, his preternatural abilities and a surprising degree of hard work that had nothing to do with either.  Unfortunately, unsavoury habits built up in his teenage years and only refined during his time at university were to lead to the destruction of all he had built…

Name: James ‘Jack’ Houghs

Birthplace: Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York

Age: 26


  • Solo:  D6
  • Buddy: D8
  • Group: D10


  1. Successful Lawyer
  2. “I’m a Lawyer, not a …”
  3.  <to be defined>

Empath Power Group:

  • Empathic senses                 D10
  • Reflexes                                D10
  • Projective Empathy             D10


  • Area of effect
  • Find Weakness (as Deadly)
  • Versatile
  • Danger sense (as Spider Sense)


  • Conscious activation
  • Exhaustion


  • Crime D8
  • Menace D8
  • Psych D8
  • Acrobatics  D8
  • Combat D6
  • Vehicle D6
  • Business D6
  • Covert  D6

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