Catalyst (250XP)

  • Affiliations (0XP) – Solo D10, Buddy D6, Group D8
  • Distinctions (15XP) – ‘Millionaire, activist, Ace‘; ‘I AM better‘; ‘Stand back I’m going to try science.’
  • Power Group (Inter-nuclear Force Control) (80XP) – Catalytic Mastery d10 (30XP), Energy Blast d8 (20XP), Altered Senses d8 (20XP), Flight d6 (10XP)
  • SFX (30XP) – Area of Effect (10XP), Collateral Damage (10XP), Unleashed (10XP)
  • Limits (10XP) – Conscious Activation (5XP), Exhausted (5XP)
  • Power Group (True Invulnerability) (50XP) – Durability d10 (30XP), Stamina d8 (20XP)
  • SFX (20XP) – Invulnerability (10XP), Immunity (10XP)
  • Specialties (45XP) – Science Expert d8 (15XP), Combat Novice d6 (10XP), Medicine Novice d6 (10XP), Psychology Novice d6 (10XP)

Experience Points:

  • Session 1 – 1XP (Spent to gain additional Plot Point)
  • Session 2 – 3XP

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