Adam Patriks – aka ‘Catalyst’


Born in 1952 London to Mr and Mrs Patriks (Ron and Eliza) , Adam grew up in a typical middle-class household until at 12 he suffered a mysterious ailment: high fever, tremors, loss of hair, teeth, and nails. Doctors were baffled until his blood-work came back; the Joker virus, it seemed that his mother had been unfaithful with a US serviceman Deuce and he was the result. His parent’s marriage did not survive the revelation and his father distanced himself completely from his ex-wife and son.

Under the auspices of the Ministry Of Defense, he and his mother were repatriated to the US as part of ‘Action Orange’ and they began living in Harlem, New York in a project for sufferers of the Joker virus. He manifested no abilities until one afternoon when he was confronted by a Joker gang and REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED.

Since then he has completed college and entered into contracts with a number of pharmaceutical companies for the rights to certain unique compounds and is now independently wealthy. He owns a warehouse complex with converted loft space along the Harlem River and devotes a lot of time to Ace causes, he has an interest in politics and tracking down his biological father.

His powers operate at both a conscious and subconscious/cellular level and involve the manipulation and control of internuclear forces such as covalent, ionic, metallic and hydrogen bonds.


Catalyst’s story starts here…

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