Wilson Washington – AKA ‘Blacklight’

<Background to be completed.>

His powers operate at a conscious level – however, if he is forced to suppress his powers for any length of time he becomes subject to seizures, their frequency and intensity increasing with time.

Solo D10
Buddy D8
Group D6

1. Kid from the Ghetto
2. A Good Imagination
3. <to be defined>


Invisibility (d10)
<I consider d10 the minimum here – anything less is not the ability to remove yourself from the visible spectrum, which is an important aspect of the character concept.>

At d6, the power blurs or obscures your visual image; it’s often limited to obscuring your image in mirrors or electronic surveillance, or in situations where vision is already impaired, such as at night. It may also be a psychic field that makes others pay less attention to you, even though you’re still visible.
 At d8, you are concealed to a greater degree, such as with chameleon-like blending, ghost-like transparency, or psychic misdirection. While still visible to others if they focus, you’ve got the equivalent of a stealth field.
 At d10, the power renders you completely invisible to standard visual means. You can move around without being noticed, and you don’t leave a shadow or other signs of being there. Certain spectrums of visual detection may spot you, such as infrared or dimensional locators.
At d12, you are impossible to detect with any visual-based sense. You never show up on any device, and likely don’t even give off energy signatures of any kind.

Flight (d8)
<I originally intended to have d10, but happy to build up to this with XP.>

At Speed d6, you can run as fast as the world’s fastest humans; Flight d6 is the speed of a hawk or news chopper.
At Enhanced Speed d8, you can run at the speed of a horse; with Subsonic Flight d8, you can fly as fast as a missile or passenger airliner.
At Superhuman Speed d10, you’re faster than a bullet train; with Supersonic Flight d10,you can fly as fast as a jet fighter.
At Godlike  Speed  d12, you can travel around the world in moments; Space Flight d12 permits swift interplanetary travel.

Intangibility (d8)
<I am happy to start with a d8 and build up to a d10 with XP – d6 does not sound suitable for the character concept.>

At d6, the power lets you mildly disperse your molecules, reducing the impact of some physical attacks and allowing you to slowly move through highly porous or permeable obstacles, such as chicken wire fences or barred gates.
 At d8, the power represents substantial fluidity or dispersal, giving you the power to seep through tiny holes in obstacles and reduce the impact of most physical attacks.
 At d10, the power makes you ghostlike or out of phase—you can walk through almost any physical obstacle other than super-high density substances, and your movements make very little noise. Physical attacks rarely affect you.
At d12, the power makes you completely out of phase with reality, including even energy waveforms. You’re essentially not even there.

Enhanced Senses (Wide-Spectrum Vision) (d8)
<Multi-Spectrum and Micro/Macroscopic vision seem appropriate. Other senses would be at Human Level.>

Senses at a d6 rating are usually additional senses that might be brought in, like Cybernetic Sense or Mystic Sense, mostly to give you other ways to pick up on information.
Enhanced Senses d8 represent extraordinary levels of awareness, closer to those of predatory animals.
Superhuman Senses (d10) reach beyond nature, offering incredible levels of awareness.
Godlike Senses (d12) touch upon cosmic threads of information and perception.

Durability (d8)
<‘Hard Light’ Durability seems conceptually compatible with a d10 durability and would be built up to with XP.>

Enhanced Durability (d8) confers toughened skin and muscle, as well as the ability to withstand most minor blunt trauma or pain and low-level extremes of heat or cold.
 Superhuman Durability (d10) is bulletproof skin and resistance to extreme temperatures or hazards.
Godlike Durability (d12) indicates invulnerability to almost all conventional forms of injury and harmful effects.

None at present

Conscious activation

If stressed out, asleep, or unconscious, shutdown POWER SET. Recover POWER SET when stress is recovered or you awake. If TRAUMA TYPE is taken, shutdown POWER SET until trauma is recovered.

POWER GROUP- Light Manipulation

Light Mastery (D10)
<I see d8 as being too weak for a primary power. I would prefer Light Mastery to be Blacklight’s primary, rather than having him simply being a laser gun with an afro.>

Elemental Influence (d6) gives minor or basic control: extinguishing all the candle flames in a room; cooling the air in a room; shorting out household appliances.
 Elemental Control (d8) gives significant local control: extinguishing a burning room; snap-freezing the air in a room; shorting out a building’s electrical system.
 Elemental Mastery (d10) provides citywide control: extinguishing a burning skyscraper; freezing over a city street; bringing down a city’s power grid.
 Elemental Supremacy (d12) provides regional control: extinguishing a forest fire; freezing over Lake Michigan; rerouting the national power grid.

Energy Blast (D8)
<This is intended to be Plan B or C.>

At d6,the power is roughly equivalent to small arms fire or dangerous close combat weapons.
 At d8, the power is capable of greater injury or harm, roughly equivalent to automatic weapons or small explosives.
 At d10, the power is equivalent to heavy explosives or lightning bolts.
 At d12,the power is truly devastating, even if the area of effect isn’t widespread.



Add a d6 and step up your effect die by +1 when using POWER SET to create assets.
 Usually included in Power Sets that represent control over substances, the ability to summon things, etc.
 Compare with Grapple, which is used to create complications.

Area Effect

Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target. 
House Rule: using AOE costs either a PP or adds 1D6 to the Doom Pool.

Conscious activation

Acrobatics novice (D6)
Combat novice (D6)
Covert expert (D8)
Crime expert (D8)

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