Act 6 – ‘A Diplomatic Incident’ Complete

Whew – finally broke my terrible habit of failing to write out my notes from the last act of a scenario (still slowly working my way through the Warhammer ‘Incident at Grauschloz’ but that is a tale for another day). So Act 6 – ‘A Diplomatic Incident’  is up and can be read – I’m working mainly from memory so hopefully I didn’t miss anything and this fills out a little bit more of the background – at least from my perspective.

This brings to a close the first story arc for the ‘New York Wild Cards’ leaving us open to explore a number of future options: continue with these characters, introduce a set of new characters but retain the setting, change the setting and the characters, and potentially pass the GM responsibility on to someone else to do with as they please. This assumes, of course, that everyone is still interested in using the Marvel Heroic RP system for Supers. I do have a copy of the latest set of Champions rules…:)

Regardless, I think I will also put a little time into completing the Character Creation material so that we have a better set of information to allow for people to have more rounded characters to inhabit and post something about ways to address the issues around use of the Doom Pool so that we can hopefully achieve a better balance.

Stuff like:

  • What would be considered an automatic action or success?
  • Ways to challenge the players without turning the game into ‘role till you fail’
  • Rewards and use of XP, etc.

Overall though – I would be interested in your feedback around the use of the system, the setting, what you liked, what you didn’t and anything else that you feel might be beneficial to the overal RP experience.


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