About Wild Cards

Welcome to the World of Wild Cards RP

Wild Cards Clubs by DeffectxAfter years of keeping notes about scenarios in a range of documents that were slowly choking my hard drive, I decided that I would take a new route and develop a Word Press site focussing on keeping the information and resources associated with game play in one location that could be accessed both by me and my gamers.

Here you will find resources around the RP System (Marvel Heroic Roleplaying MHR), links to the Wild Card universe as created by George R R Martin and his original group of RP friends, as well as the specific background and links relating to the game at hand.

The aim is to be a reservoir that the Players may dip their toes into, read, record and contribute to discussion and development of the various tropes and plot points over the course of the game.

I have no idea how long or how well this concept will run, but I have given it legs.

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